“Epino plays Troy as a menacing man-child eager to strike out against those who threaten his domain…. he is exactly what is needed.”
Film Threat on Bitter Melon

“What makes the movie smart is its refusal to cast Troy, a difficult role well-played by Epino, as strictly a villain.”
San Francisco Chronicle on Bitter Melon

“The primary character is ‘Troy’ (Patrick Epino), the deluded middle child of the family who has major delusions of grandeur. Epino played this character perfectly, and it really shows what a talented and seasoned actor he is to be able to pull off such a difficult character.”
YOMYOMF on Bitter Melon

“Epino has perhaps the most difficult task of being a person of extremes, a person who would normally be branded as the villain. However, his performance and the direction of his character deny this kind of thinking quite soon, as his materialist lifestyle cannot cover the insecurities and deeply rooted anger of his character. In the end, he has more in common with a character like Stanley Kowalski from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ in the way he projects his rage onto others, but also does not know how to stop.”
Asian Movie Pulse on Bitter Melon

“10 Filipino Filmmakers You Should Know.”
Remezcla on Awesome Asian Bad Guys

“An exuberant farce that delivers exactly what its title promises, Awesome Asian Bad Guys slays ’em silly.”
Toronto Star on Awesome Asian Bad Guys

“It’s a perfect combination of laughter and spectacle.”
Shuffle Online on Awesome Asian Bad Guys

“We’ve been hyped for this flick since it was making its rounds on the festival circuit.”
Nerds of Color on Awesome Asian Bad Guys

“One of the 10 Filmmakers to Watch.”
The Independent on Mr. Sadman


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Mr. Sadman is an exquisite little gem of a film. Touching on notions of fluidity of identity, appearance, fame, objectification, direction and existence, Mr. Sadman, like Being There and Brother From Another Planet, is a gentle, funny and touching portrait of the desire for connection among human beings, to each other and most importantly to self.”
– EXriXkXToddXDelXluXms on Mr. Sadman

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